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Rancho Cucamonga’s Well-Educated Population Rancho Cucamonga has always been a well-educated community. In 2010, 28.9% of Rancho Cucamonga’s adults had Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. or professional degrees. That was above San Bernardino (18.6%) and Riverside (20.3%) counties. It was near to Los Angeles (29.1%), but below San Diego (33.7%) and Orange (36.6%) counties. The share of the city’s adults who completed school with a high school diploma or less education was only 31.1%. That was less than every county in Southern California, including well-educated Orange (34.6%) and San Diego (34.0%) counties. The influx of new residents to the city’s upscale homes has pushed up its average educational level even higher.

EDUCATION: Academic Performance
Rancho Cucamonga takes great pride in its education system – a system that is marked by graduation levels above state and local averages, high academic achievement scores and a large number of graduates who go on to higher education. Altogether, Rancho Cucamonga had 38,885 students attending classes in its several school districts in 2011, up 445 students from 2010. The city’s younger students attend classes in one of four K-8 elementary school districts: Alta Loma (6,394), Central (4,826), Cucamonga (2,001) and Etiwanda (12,882). High school students attend one of four schools that are part of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District: Alta Loma High School (2,688), Etiwanda High School (3,342), Los Osos High School (3,365) and Rancho Cucamonga High School (3,153).

In 2010, 29.9% of Rancho Cucamonga’s high school seniors completed the course work required for entrance to either the University of California or California State University systems, up from 28.7% in 2008. Their percentage of completion for college preparatory classes was well above the 24.3% average for San Bernardino County. Students’ average score of 1,514 on the Scholastic Assessment Test ranked fourth among San Bernardino County’s communities and was well above the county’s average of 1,440.

The city’s elementary, middle and high schools far exceeded the state average on the Academic Performance Index – a weighted measure of various testing scores that provides the basis for state awards to schools showing the greatest increases in achievement. Elementary students have increased their scores and averaged 879 versus the state’s 809 in 2011. Middle school students have increased their scores in all but one of the years of the test and averaged 842 versus the states 778 in 2011. High school students have increased their scores in all thirteen years of the test and averaged 820 versus the state’s 742 in 2011.

Rancho Cucamonga students taking the high school exit examinations in academic year 2011 had a pass rate of 91% in English, which led the County, and 89% in Math, which ties for the highest score. Both figures were well above the county averages (80%; 79%) and state averages (82%; 83%)

EDUCATION: Post-Secondary Education Institutions
Rancho Cucamonga is home to Chaffey College, one of California’s fastest growing campuses. Founded in 1883, it is the oldest community college in the state. In spring 2010, the full time equivalent enrollment was 19,842. The college is one of six in California with a AA bond rating from Standard & Poors, the highest rating given. Within a one-half hour drive of Rancho Cucamonga, residents and business leaders have access to an extraordinary array of private and public colleges & universities. Altogether, there are 24 campuses that had a combined enrollment of 204,261 students in the spring of 2011.

• The Claremont Colleges and the University of Redlands are nationally known and among the top rated private, liberal arts schools in the United States.

• Impressive scientific work is being conducted at Harvey Mudd College (nation’s top rate undergraduate school of science) and Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences.

• California State Polytechnic University at Pomona graduates the largest number of engineers west of the Rocky Mountains.

• The University of California, Riverside had the largest number of 1999-2011 Fellows admitted to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

• Loma Linda University has one of the top medical schools in the world and the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona produces 15% of new primary health care physicians in the Western United States.

• California State University San Bernardino is the fastest growing state university campus. The Peter Drucker Graduate School of Management Claremont Graduate University is well known nationally.



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